(1) All students at public and private Art Schools and all bona fide amateurs arc eligible as competitors. Professional artists and designers are only eligible when competing for designs of a different class from those on which they are professionally engaged. Thus, an artist employed as designer in a carpet factory might compete in a wall-paper subject, and vice versa.
(2) Designs must be original and not traceable to any existing pattern. New ideas and new treatment combined with workable detail and arrangement will be the objects considered.
(3) Drawings for competitions must be legibly signed with pseudonym only. The form page AD. VII. with details fully filled in, must accompany each drawing or set of drawings, and be enclosed in a sealed envelope, on the outside of which is written only the pseudonym of the com
petitor; as this will not be opened until after the awards are made, any query should be forwarded in a separate letter.
(4) The Proprietor of The Studio reserves to himself the right of withholding all or any of the prizes, provided that, in the unanimous opinion of the judges, the drawings do not fulfil the rules of the Competition or otherwise are of insufficient
merit. He also reserves to himself the right to reproduce in The Studio any of the designs submitted.
(5) No design will be returned in any case unless accompanied by sufficient stamps for postage or carriage. The term sufficient postage has been fixed at one shilling—for the Industrial Com
petitions, Class A — to cover the cost of packing, &c. Designs for Classes, B, C, and D will not be returned, unless specially exempted, in such cases the amount to be enclosed for postage will be given.
(6) All designs (unless specially excepted in certain competitions) must be sent rolled, not packed flat. Competitors are advised to forward their drawings within cardboard cylinders (to be obtained of most stationers) or upon wooden rollers, as by this means the drawings are not liable to damage in transit, and the trouble of repacking is greatly reduced.
(7) All designs and correspondence thereon to be addressed The Studio, 5 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London,
IV.C., and marked “Prize Competitions," with the number of the Competition, "A XIX," “B XII,” "C XI,” “ D II,” &c., on the outside of the package, or letter referring to it.
(8) An Infringement of any of the above Rules
will disqualify a competitor.
Closes May 1, Closes Aug. 1.
Series "A.” Designs for Industrial Purposes. A XXXVII. Design for a Cloth Bookcover.
A XXXVIII. Design for Wall-Paper.
This competition has been kindly set and will be judged by Messrs. Woollams & Co., manufacturing paper Stainers, no High Street, near Manchester Square, London, W.
The design must be 21 inches wide, or of a size that will repeat accurately to that measurement ; not to exceed 24 inches high, and to be composed of three colours in addition to the ground. The ground colour may be utilised as an additional tint in portions of the ornament, if desirable. The drawing may be in tempera, or in trans
parent colours on white paper provided the tints are kept quite distinct and separate, not blended one into the other.
Fine lines of shading close together, or very small spaces where one colour is opened to show another through should be avoided. Breadth of treatment in proportion to size is of more importance than high finish; a good composition may be spoilt by excess of detail, but firm decided drawing is essential. Preference will be given to designs of light and graceful character, in which a con
siderable proportion of the ground is left uncovered by the ornament, and special importance will be attached not only to the mechanical accuracy of the fit of its various parts both in printing and hanging, but also to its freedom
from bad and unexpected lines upon repetition over a large surface of wall. Drawings, beautiful in themselves, frequently become meaningless, uninteresting and ob
jectionable on repetition, and too much stress cannot be laid upon the importance in a wall-paper of a design that will produce a good general effect when used for the pur
pose for which it was drawn. The human figure must not form any part of the composition.
First Prize : Five Guineas. Second Prize : Two Guineas. Drawings to be received at The Studio Office by 1st August.
Messrs. Wm. Woollams & Co. reserve to themselves the right of purchasing any of the drawings sent in for
competition at prices to be hereafter agreed upon with the competitors.

Closes May 1.

Closes June 1.
Series "B.” Drawings for Reproduction by
Photographic Process.
B XXXI. Design for Private Notepaper Heading.
B XXXII. Design for an Advertisement.
The designs, which are to be drawn in black and white or wash 9 in. by 6 in., must incorporate the following words : — “ Aug. Walker, artists’ colourman and pictureframe maker, 118 New Bond Street, London, W. Any maker's goods supplied to order. Materials for black and white artists.”
First Prize : Two Guineas. Second Prize : One Guinea. Drawings to be received at The Studio Office by June, packed flat. All inquiries relating to this competi
tion should be addressed to Mr. A. Walker, 118 New Bond Street. W.
Closes May. 1. Closes
June 1.
Series "C." Designs for Amateurs’ Work,
C XXIX. Design for Fretwork.
C XXX. Design for a Poker-Work Panel.
The design which is to be made in monochrome wash 10 in. high by 16 in. wide, must be suitable for execution in poker-work and for use in a medicine cupboard.
First Prize: One Guinea. See and Prize : Half a guinea. Designs to be received at The Studio office by June 1, packed flat.
Closes May 1..
Series "D.” Photograph from Nature.
D XXII. Foreground Study.
All photographs should be sent in, mounted on firm card, without margin.
First Prize : One guinea. Second Prize : Half a guinea.
The right of reproducing any photograph sent In
reserved. Competitors who wish their prints returned must enclose three stamps to defray postage.
Closes June 1. Closes
July 1.
D XXIII. Exterior of a Church.
D XXIV. Picturesque Old Cottage.

The attention of Competitors is particularly directed to Rules 2, 3 and 8.





Black and White Drawings for Reproduction. Figure Composition Class every Friday. GROSVENOR STUDIO, VAUXHALL BRIDGE, S.W.
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